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Justin og Selena, hemmelig forhold?

Justin Bieber Valentines Message
Selena Gomez Valentines Day

Les mer Her og Her :)

-Sayna <3

03.12.2012 I 21:18
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Jelena is LA

29.11.2012 I 17:38
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Justin og Selena officially back together!!

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez show off PDA in NYC.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have seemingly worked out all their problems, are were spotted hugging, kissing, and cuddling during a recent New York City date night,People Magazine reported on Nov. 28.

"It was just the two of them, sitting together," a source says. "At first they were quietly talking and then they started kissing. They were smiling, definitely seemed happy!"

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez announced their break up in early November, and fans were quick to jump and support their idols. However, since their split, Justin and Selena have been spotted together numerous times, and were reportedly working on the problems in their relationship, which were rumored to be the distance between them, and Bieber?s wandering eye.

Bieber and Gomez fans are delighted that the couple have decided to get back together, and hopeful that they can beat the Hollywood couple?s curse, and stay together.

What do you think about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together, and showing some PDA in New York?

Hva tror du?

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"Carly har et spesielt forhold til Justin Bieber"

29.11.2012 I 15:49
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Kan det vre sant, igjen?

- Gjr det slutt

Selena Gomez' bestevenn Taylor Swift har beskjeden klar.

29. Nov 2012 kl 14:45

Etter mye fram og tilbake i forholdet mellomSelena Gomez(20) ogJustin Bieber, (18) har bestevennen til Selena, selveste Taylor Swift, ftt nok. N skal hun ha rdet Selena om droppe Justin, og komme seg videre.

Moren er enig
Et vitne skal ha overhrt Taylor gi Selena dette rdet, i flge Life & Style. De skriver videre at vitnet ogs skal ha overhrt jentene snakke om at Selenas mor skal vre enig med Taylor.

- De vil Selena alt godt, men n har det blitt alt for mye drama rundt henne og Justin. S mye trbbel skal det ikke vre i et forhold. Det er vanskelig for dem gjre det slutt nr de er s glade i hverandre, sier vitnet.

Etter brudd-kaoset de siste ukene, kom det til slutt fram hva som frte til Selena og Justins splitt. Sjalusi i forholdet, mest fra Selenas side. Hun skal ha blitt sliten av vre s langt unna Justin, og takler drlig all oppmerksomheten Justin fr fra jentene.

Link: Topp.no


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"She has a good heart"

ustin Bieber opened up about his love for (now ex) girlfriend Selena Gomez during a sit down interview that aired on the OWN Network last night. But before getting excited about any grand declarations or Jelena reunions, there?s one thing to keep in mind: the interview was filmed about a month before the couple called it quits. Nevertheless, Justin?s comments about his one-time love couldn?t have been cuter. ?I am all about genuine people, and I feel like she?s...

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Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber? Faithfulness is the capital of the staying of a relationship. Essentially, you should never hurt if you do not want to get hurt.Infidelity is a very fatal mistake in a relationship. Made jealous it could cause damage to the relationship. No wonder if Selena Gomez was furious to find that Justin Bieber looks familiar, and connects with Victoria?s Secret underwear models, Barbara Palvin.Can understand the feelings of Selena. The extreme love of Justin, makes her jealousy is normal. Fortunately the latest news says that ?Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber?.

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 5

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 6

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 7

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 8

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 3

Selena Gomez forgives Justin Bieber 2


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DailyMail photoshoot


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Justin i Maclean's


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Photoshoot bilder


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One Time 3r i dag!

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Nye instagram bilder


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meet & greet

23.11.2012 I 18:38
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Justin snakker om Selena


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Jelena sammen igr

Er de fortsatt sammen eller er de bare venner? Disse bildene er fra igr natt (November 19), da selena justin og noen venner var p Benihana resturant i Encino, California.

19.11.2012 I 17:15
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Justin og Selena sammen igjen?

Siden alle ryktene og bekreftelsene p at "Jelena" har slott opp, begyner det med flere rykter om at de er sammen igjen. Ingen er sikre, og de har ikke bekreftet det selv.
Utover en del kjendis nettsider str det at "parret" ble sett sammen i AMA etter festen. Selnea var ikke blant publikum, men det er bilde-bevis p at hun var med p festen, og at hun og Justin holder hender!

Bilde bevis:

VIDEO LINK:http://www.seher.no/906406/justin-bieber-forlot-fest-med-selena-gomez


18.11.2012 I 15:47
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Justin Bieber and Selena

A surly looking Justin Bieber, 18, was seen briefly reuniting with his girlfriend of nearly two years, Selena Gomez, 20, after she dumped him over cheatingon her with underwear model, Barbara Palvin, 19, whom he is in love with (according to my source). Hours later, Bieber and Gomez were seen fighting in public.

Justin Bieber speeding away from Selena Gomez's house

According to TMZ, Bieber was turned away by Gomez at the gate of her home and sped off in a huff. As the Judiciary Report stated prior to this incident, Bieber is in love with Palvin and this poses a problem for Gomez whether she realizes it or not.


18.11.2012 I 15:42
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Justin sin bil er parkert hos Selena?

The photo above shows Justin?s Ferrari parked securely in Selena?s driveway early this morning. Justin certainly wasn?t locked out!

Does their Friday night sleepover mean they?re back on again?

Hva tror du?


18.11.2012 I 15:27
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Justin utenfor selena sitt hus


Justin Bieber and actress Selena Gomez attempt a reconciliation dinner at Yamato in Encino, CA on November 16th, 2012. But after about five minutes inside of the restaurant the former lovebirds exit in a mad dash towards the parking lot and leave in separate cars! Justin gives Selena her space, for about ten minutes before showing up at her house. When Selena denies his entry through the gate, Justin loses his temper! Looks their relationship might be done for good!


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Jelena skal sitte sammen p AMA

Justin og Selena skal sitte sammen p American Music Awards sndag 18.nov og da fr vi se om de er bare venner eller er de forsatt sammen!! Gleder meg sykt

Skal du se p American Music Awards?

14.11.2012 I 14:49
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OLLG fra Brooklyn

The &#8220;One Less Lonely Girl&#8221; tonight in Brooklyn, NY.

12.11.2012 I 16:48
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Justin forlater hotellet til Selena

Har de sltt opp eller er de forsatt sammen? Hva tror dere?

12.11.2012 I 16:12
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Justin og Selena

Selena kommer ut av hotellet til tanta si etter ha hatt en veldig lang kveld med henne.Tanta til Selena p Twitter:"She was in tears for 12 hours, saying Justin was over the relationship and wanted to be single."

Hvem er det som egentlig slo opp? Hva tror dere?

Justin og Selena..........Bilde er tatt 5timer siden!!